Friday, July 25, 2008

modern country style fixtures

lots of country stores come here for their
store fixtures and big fun props
and even their counters.
the stores like our big open styles

our styles work well in all kinds of country....
or elegant country
or romantic cottage,
or totally foo foo, foo foo country?
or pottery barn farmhouse...
or serious classic country
.they are easy to fit into different store styles....
especially eclectic

.the rehabbed stuff with old elements fits
our kind of customer really well....
they like big things that can hold lots of merchandise....the businesses who come here are like our retail customers,, they want something different and interesting.... they dont want to have a bunch of junky factory made displays in their stores..
this cottage style is a big part of our wholesale

..just being a store owner they are usually brave and creative...they can take a big wierd peice and make it work in a wonderful way..
..i love going out and seeing what the other stores do with our stuff..

our big porchpost cupboards are sitting in stores all over the country....and lots of the stores heard about us from our customers...which is so nice!!!

usually a new store cant even tell me exactly who sent them to us

but we sure appreciate it...

our cupboards have been in books and magazines, picked up from
other peoples houses or stores..
one of our yardlongs was in romantic homes this month....
so far, we havent been credited, but our customers know...
and we have sold these cottage shabby cupboards and parts and accessories wholesale to stores and show people all over the east coast and midwest...
our shabby cottage cupboards are designed by jon and i and made right here in fulton county indiana....and with good indiana wood, not pine....they are from elm, maple, poplar, beech...they are all new construction
the fun rehabbed fantasy furniture is designed by us and built locally the big door cupboards and window things..

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