Sunday, February 22, 2009

Steampunk Parts

this is our etsy idea...selling big lots of true vintage steampunk parts to the altered art world... for jewlery making , quirky collages, wierd machines, fun , or maybe big gothic or steampunk constructions..and also vintage parts for scrapbookkers.. it would be so fun to see where all this ends up.. we will have lotsof nice super old watch dials on soon....we have a lot of them.... i dont quite get how anything is found on etsy.the tag system is kind of hard to figure.....but we are on there ... i have learned some new words on there...destash...convo, ning, etsymini,
tags, and more....we have about 60 groups on and more coming..
. my aim is for the artists who want the real vintage parts , not digital or made in china stuff.... altered artists who need steampunk supplies.. its all here at the store too...

Steampunk and Gothic Parts

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Anonymous said...

Clean site, I had not ran into this before in my lookups! Carry on with the excellent work!