Saturday, February 16, 2008

tin and parts

we have tin...old and new..

.the new is about 2 ft by 2ft and 18.00 each square,

the its nice and heavy, uniform and pretty easy to use..

.. the old tin we have now is big 2x4 ft sections, with a nice square pattern, and in
pretty goood shape...and large, plain squares....the old tin is harder to use but sometimes a lot more interesting...there is some neat tin molding out under the awning....

i love hearing tin stories..

..from back splashes, to headboards and wall collages..

.its kind of wonderful what these things can do ...

also in the part department

dont forget we have

glass knobs

lots of different braces and brackets

lots of hooks,big and small

antique repro hardware

pllus lots of old wood parts and pieces...

we like using the tin in panels for our cupboards, and sometimes as cupboard backs...and also for the front of our counters or islands....
.these pieces range from 200$ to 300$...and we have lots in stock..not these but similar...
we have lots of nice counters right now but mostly in colors....including our new bananaboat, and a nice dull sage....and a huge one in deep brownish red and black....