Monday, March 3, 2008

ask lana

if you have any questions about the country room ask lana...she is back there fluffing it up most afternoons and every other sunday afternoon....

.we are trying to stock it with lots of goodies....

lots coming in...sticheries, more plates, lots more lights and bulbs, neat farm signs, and more placemats and runners....we have garland and berry rings ordered too and more signs.....also some big cabinets in barn red and our mixed up blacks and several long buffets from the carpenters with beadboard doors or windows from 150$ to 250$.... and several harvest tables...from 300 $ to 450$

its really full..

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Joan Fricker said...

I just found your blog. How wonderful it is to see everything you ae doing on line!!!

Can't wait for warmer weather (without snow) to visit again. I was able to make it down there several times last year, bringing new people each time......that was fun!!!

Look forward to seeing you soon.

I just did my blog a couple weeks ago...what fun.

Joan Fricker
Joan's Gardens