Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the office

this is my office at home...i usually dont go for victorian but this big dresser i just couldnt came from a bishop somewhere.... i collect a lot of different things...and like to have them all out.... currier and ives showing girls with pets, staffordshire dogs, needlework, doll quilts, about anything made by little girls..sewer tile art,tramp art,victorian paper, those ledgers with watermark covers, old photos, most of my collections are from 1850 to 1880....

i love the quote ...minimalists dont have much to say...!!!


Michele said...

Ann, I love the look of your office. My passion is going to other peoples homes and seeing what makes their home unique to them. Yours is very interesting, I can imagine all the great things that are not shown in this picture. Many of the things you collect are things I love.

Debbie said...

Ann....I can see right away that you are not a minimalist...LOL...neither am I. I love your office!