Thursday, April 24, 2008


we are closed thursdays and this time of year i m usually out in the garden.., ...i see possible customers driving by and coming back real quick, . its our one day closed.....its hard ....i sure hate to miss anybody...
i love this time of year in the garden...composting, rearranging, making plans, dividing, etc etc...more is better but i probably have more space than i could possibly take care of...and its all flowers....its laid out kind of formal.....with lots of our old house lots of customers wandered around in my garden but over here they dont the old house, where jon lives now, the garden was just outside the rough room door....and they could just walk out there, everybody was welcome.... one lady told me she came there every summer to meditate....jon cut it all its all his stuff...chickens, guinnies, bantys, dogs and 4 boys....... i did move a lot of plants when we moved .. .

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denise said...

Ann - loved your garden. We're going to do a garden in our new fenced area at the shop - and hoping it draws some customers out there to meditate too - don't know where I'll have time to garden much in it as my house has huge gardens too and since the shops will be more public - my home gardens will probaby suffer... haha
may have to get me one of those "gardeners" so I can sip tea and watch him haul mulch and weeds around LOL! have fun!!