Friday, June 6, 2008

night life

we get netflicks and its so night we watch house of elliot and the next night the wire..they both kind of use the english language... of elliott is beautiful...from bbc....all about high fashion in london before ww2...the flappers!!!
the wire is a lot better written and more dramatic , but this one is really fun too..kind of eye candy..... and the clothes are fabulous....also watched topsy turvy, about gilbert and sullivan.... love james broadbent!!!
after work we are so tired just vegging in front of the tube is nice....we have tivo we rarely see a commercial....
love jon stewart too.....getting tired of msnbc,....
one plan is to take a boatload to england sometime....its kind of an old promise to wade.... when we get old.... we love gardens and castles, and steve loves golf we might dump him in scotland......
other bbc we have enjoyed
midsomer murders
inspector lynley mysteries
and loved !!foyles war
and of course miss marple and poroit..

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KernowWitch said...

Glad to see you like our UK dramas & you've mentioned my favourite ones. The dresses in House of Elliot are stunning. I've recently watched the last Foyle's War.
Love the dress form, if I lived near you I would buy it....Chrissy x