Tuesday, July 22, 2008

vintage displays

we just got back from the big chicago wholesale gift show.......and i can report seeing a lot of vintage trash to treasure displays, and store fixtures... ....some in some very upscale booths...lots of shutters, lots of old posts, and old doors....a comfy cottage look and some with a rustic romantic european look.

one of the best was a display in a beautiful christmas booth...kd vintage...they used old french windows and porch posts...it was stunning....i got some of their snowmen...but sorry no picture...it was like a fairy land..lots of white and silver tinsel etc etc...

... it was good to see that this fun trash to treasure, outside the box, neat vintage style was in displays and store fixtures all over the merchandise mart.... ...not too different from what my customers here in indiana come up with...

the whole day was kind of surreal... tons of girls and women in wild outfits, really wild!!! and then an amish family in their beards and hair nets and bulky plain dresses....they have big stores and go there to buy...what could they think of the cosmopolitan parade of people there at the mart? they barely show ankles..

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