Thursday, July 3, 2008

old tricks

on tv last night.
.at a party for a 90 yr old guy they made a toast to ***old dogs new tricks** was on the forsyte saga..
these things made me feel like an old dog who needs to learn new tricks....;;
** on Etsy....and saw somone wanting to buy a ..BUTTERFLY NOSE SCREW..... thats just soooo wrong....

**things i cant learn:, hotwheels,tonka toys, anything plastic, barbies, stuff from the 70s on up,i really love the old stuff and just cant make room in the brain for the newer stuff...

**utube totally shocks directions for making a fairy jar....just amazing to me... and so much more on there....

but im all for learning as much new teck as i can my computer....its real hard for me...but i love what it can do...and also would like to get better camera skills. ......and i would love to have a secretary who could do all the impossible parts for me..
.or maybe a coach, a nice coach,,,

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