Thursday, September 11, 2008

made in indiana.

heres some pretty pictures of our cupboards...made by local carpenters , right here in indiana....and out of good hardwood, not pine....we finish them in dark colors for the modern country style and in lighter colors for the wonderful casual shabby cottage style...or the modern eclectic style....or the romantic country style, or the rustic european look...some are huge....\
these big things are good for store displays and you might see them around the midwest in a lot of very cool independant stores and garden centers, even spas and kids stores............but they work great for our customers in their houses too....most are priced from 200 to 400$....if you know anyone opening a store please send them to us!!! thanks!!!
im no brain, and the carpenters tell me the price, and we have overhead, but if we can make big cupboards for 200$ why cant more american companies produce things right here ..?.

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