Saturday, December 6, 2008

more store

CUSTOMERS who bought stuff for her elaborate party....she picked all my tall glass cake plates,and then added antique silver and cloches of different sizes and then fun stuff to put in the cloches....i hope she sends me a picture....she built laid out staggered layers of silver and glass for her party island ...and made tall tidbit servers out of the antique cake plates...with old silver platters underneath....

the other big customer of the day....dug deep into the rough room and the awning for lots of neat parts and projects.... i think he has a plot....but i dont know what it is yet.... he picked out beautiful orphans and hes a great woodworker with a good eye for design so it should be fabulous..

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Teriann said...

I just love your store! I'm making plans to visit Spring 2009. Guess I'll need a U-HAUL!!!