Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR.... here are some of my favorites from 2008....
the wire
duchess of duke street
netflix and roku for great movies on demand ..

DISCOVERIES and new words

plug boards
monetizing blogs
social media
affiliate sites
steam punk

BUSINESS FORUMS IM ON ...come chat about business . lots of good internet ideas and fun talk mainly for shops...good magazine too.. this is a new one. lots and lots of prim women talking about all the parts of the prim business world...shows sites etc etc.....lots of good 'how to ' talk too...

FAVORITE WEB SITES FOR TEKK INFO very tekkie and always interestisng she knows so much fun spot...she swears..

.this is so important to me...since i am definitlely not a nerd or tekkie in any way...but i want to be on and use the internet as well as i can manage..... there is lots of help on these sites......

FAVORITE TRASH TO TREASURE SITES tons of great ideas all the time , and great links into the trash to treasure world


several stores i used to sell to

my favorite forum

my trim figure

the good old farm sales

most of the neat antique shops i used to go


Barb said...

I just found you, and can't wait to check out some of the resources you have listed.
I just opened a small gift shop in Eugene, Oregon in May, and having a ball.

I'll touch base again later.

Barbara Jean

Marge said...

Ann, I sure do miss you on the forum. At least I can come here and keep up with you and the events at Green Oak. I wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous '09.