Thursday, February 5, 2009

eye candy from the store...


eye candy from the store...above

this week i am swamped with on the internet a lot and we launched our etsy shop...

which has made me think some of the internet possibilities out there that i should be trying....and boy have i gotten a wide range of ideas and advice...

HERES SOME ADVICE ive gotten FROM CYBER FRIENDS...... lots to pick from here
get on facebook
try flicker
make a demo for utube

switch to typepad
get a selling site
use rss
blog analytics
cable tv ad
put tons of inventory on line try craigs list get a selling site
im overloaded and lack skills for most of it...
how do you ever choose!!!!

but i have found lots of FUN PLACES while roaming around on the net.. for fun trash talk for great blog tips for a fun view of the antique lifestyle for serious tekk talk with really neat mostly guys. i cant even understand most of her topics but im trying

internetshops for tons of wonderful trashy eye candy
what im good at is buying stuff...possibly too above and just selling it here....thats been my life for years and years..
.and i will always love the big stuff best..
..but now im trying to spread out into the cyberworld ..and learn the crazy things i have to learn just to go there....
...and for a person who grew up when off and on on the machines meant something ...i can barely deal with the things i need now... like my computer, my camera, anything mechanical......i just cant do it very well...
.. but i want it...and im trying to learn it .its pretty frustrating to see the possibilities and not be able to do them easily.
like why is this post so stretched out...
.i just cant figure every little detail out....BIG NEWS....shabby chic declares bankruptsy....and my 2 favorite mags went belly home and mary englebrite.... but we still have ROMANTIC HOMES which i love...and we sell at the store..


denise @ feather your nest said...

save that white one for me!

Gayle (The Shabby Crafter) said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and I LOVE yours too! I am so jealous of you. My dream is to have a shop like yours but at my age and my income level I don't see it ever happening. I really appreciate the links in this post too.

Thanks again,

Ki said...

I love the photos of the truckfuls of junk. I know it is a lot of hard work but, I miss that part of the business. Your shop looks wonderful! I will definitely give you a call if I come your way! Good luck with the internet is mind boggling!