Sunday, December 27, 2009


our customers are the greatest!!!

one was so eloquent today....hed bought something for his wife here,
100 yr old paper dolls, and even tho he couldnt understand the big price tag at all ,he bought it for her anyway, on my advice.... he came in and said richard burton couldnt have gotten a better reception when he gave elizabeth taylor the hope diamond than he got for his present ...she loved it...

we seem to have 2 kinds of customers...some are so sweet and tell me to take a rest and go on vacation and that i work too hard....sometimes with a hug and a smile..

.then theres my other favorites..... the what have you got for me lately kind..? as arent working hard enough if i hAVENT FOUND THEM WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR......i often feel the same way...its all about them...which is totally understandable...

actually i love work...and if i look tired...well , i probably am....and so what? id be tired at home too.... the store is so much fun, where else would i be mostly entertained and sometimes driven nuts by family friends and customers... just keeping all our projects going is something i would miss terribly if i ever had to retire....
i sure appreciate when the customers bring their friends!!! if you did that we all thank you.... ..


Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

I hear ya, I hear ya, I hear ya...ALL OF IT..I hear ya!!!

Put a mattress on one of those beds if you get too tired there!

100 year old paper cool is that to get for Christmas!
Leave it up to you to find the best vintage in the Midwest!

Thinking of you this season...glad your happy and well!

Sheila said...

WOW a man that pays attention. HOw great is that. Mine tries really hard. He just has no clue. It is not his fault. He is so sweet and loving. I know that man learned alot just by that one event.

I know what you mean by saying i would tired at home ,or where ever you are. So be somewhere you love to be. I know if i am in a thrift store, antique mall, flea market, i forget how tired i am.. Love those places. Happy Holiday

Mr. Flannery said...

It is not just a job. Its a daily treasure hunt. An archeological adventure where you use knowledge, luck and hard work to uncover your finds. Its most interesting when you can share those finds with someone else who understands or just appreciates your knowledge and enthusiasm. The shared pleasure of "we" found it, is invigorating. A good reason to go to work every day. Happy New Year and its never too late or the wrong time to wish a Merry Christmas.