Monday, June 14, 2010

we are so busy at the more iron came in ....including the fun bottle trees, and more benches and the big supplier calls me from south texas and tells me about all the goodies hes seeing and that i might want... he came today and refilled our garden iron lot...
about a week ago we went to a huge sale and bought a lot..and have smalls packed in everywhere...we bought about 3 boxtruck loads in 2 days...the rough room is packed too...lots of nice small cheap furniture too...chairs, rick rack, nice oak cupboard, victorian chairs, lots of dishes, primitives and more tools.....
.. we buy daily and HERE a little list of
things i wish someone would bring us...
a wooden boat
old oars
big old advertizing...old meaning pre 1940
big fancy porchparts or architectural parts
good old toys besides dolls...old meaning before 1940
big gaudy chandeliers with prisms
old locker baskets
the old bottle dryers from england
some dorky english furniture or big english court cupboard
english pub signs
victorian jewelry
a whole attic that asking too much?


i still collect for myself and im always looking for ::

1870 china head dolls
wild folk art,
staffordshire dogs
tramp art
about anything little girls made AROUND 1870
old transfer ware
doll quilts
early black rag dolls
old autograph books

so many things arent selling now
mill run clear glass
partial dish sets
old dolls
most common primitives
mediocre quilts
the average stuff just keeps going down down in price....
we are still buying and buying
and always hoping for something wonderful...

i used to go to auctions every week and it was so much our buying is so different and boring compared to the good old days....DANG... i was lots better at auctions than what i have to do from catalogs, plan my buying,ugg, try to figure out new styles all the time and what might sell.....buying is definitely my favorite part of my job....
next to the fun people...
a group of older ladies,maybe in their late 70s, sitting in a little huddle, laughing and talking about how they didnt want anything and had to be careful around their kids because if they mentioned liking something someone would give them one....


Mr. Flannery said...

Ann - Just when you think that you have this business figured out -- you're wrong.

ann at greenoak said...

oh for sure!!! im trying to get into the minds of 30 something mothers.... its a hard fit!!!!
i love the good stuff but have to learn the new girls and what they want....

Relics said...

hi ann

your right- it sure isn't fun anymore. I used to just build my displays from what I had, or what I found, or what I could make. But I can't find that much good stuff- it makes me super sad. I find myself passing up depression glass, redwing dinner pieces, average plain glass, primitive tools- these are all things I bought and bought and bought... now- I can't buy any of these things anymore - because they just sit and sit.

So sad :(

ps- is that your handsome son? or your handsome husband? He's a hottie who ever he is....

Mr. Flannery said...

We have a couple of 30 something girls selling at the shop. An antique is anything older than them. I am surprised what they like and what they sell. But they are in tune with their age group. Something that I will never be. Damn, I'm not in tune with any age group.

ann at greenoak said...

i hear you mr flannery!!! anyway the 30 something girls are saving im very thankful for them...i try to pay attention...ha ha...but deep down i know they dont care if its majolica or made in japan...thats hard for an old purist like me...its like most of my knowledge and info is irrelevant..
i hear you deb...its hard to know what to buy...i sell lots of reasonable nice kids furniture.....