Sunday, February 3, 2008

fun at work....

yesterday 2 very dramatic people were in......wade, working, who always has a ball and is fun for the customers.... ...and this wild lady who is a dear customer, she rehabbs furniture, ...... wade ends up acting like a butler with her, at your service , taking every item from her, asking if he can help,she yells ...are you stalking me!!!!!

my role seems to be, to be the butt of a lot of laughs to my crew.
..wade bows, in a certain elaborate indian, the continent, way,
if i mention something i want dh to do, especially if im even just slightly adamant, he salutes and clicks his heels,and if anyone askes something he doesnt know he always says ask the supreme commander,
the painter has a police whistle so he doesnt have to walk clear up to the front to get me,he threatens to use it more than actually, ..we call his area the hole,
a wonderful but nutty worker calls me mom,???
my other guy calls me miss ann, hes from the south,he calls steve mr steve.... and all the customers that way too..
. ...the painter also makes fun of my paint processs, im a whole lot messier than he is...
.we divide the crew up into fluffers and floppers , the ones who can try and fluff the displays and the ones who arent supposed to, rather just take it up there and flop it...
if i say i have an idea to one of the carpenters he covers his head and says oooh no...i think he got that from surrounded by comics!!!.maybe its lightens us up sometimes...and if my main worker, the one who goes to key west all winter, says yes mam, i know ive gone too far..
i love going to work....

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