Thursday, July 30, 2009

try and come

the cheap parts are growing....vases tools salt and peppers, depression glass, steampunk parts, primitives, glass and china...little birds, owls, lots of iron, kitchen utensils, pottery , lots of books in 50 cent row, lots of linens in 50 cent row.
lots of windows in 4 $ row..
half price area starts friday..lots of really good stuff in here.... christmas , leftovers, spring,,,tons of antiques...
HALF PRICE DECISIONS ` these things definitely going into the half price area....this part starts friday....
most of the vintage dolls
french busts , crowns, and Eiffel towers
garden leftovers
lots of sticheries....
big fish signs
pink flower frog vases
lots of florals
tons kitchen items
6 big boxes of christmas...
some halloween
of course its mostly miscellaneous....a little of this and a little of that.... lots of old and vintage for sure.

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