Sunday, February 3, 2008

door projects

these all started
out as doors..

..the green one
has a door for
the back and
windows for the sides.....we have
lots of these,
,,around 200$..

the white one
has a door for the front...we took the panel out and put on a crown molding...its under 300$

the red one has the door for the back..
..we added a platform with old legs , shelves and a crown molding.
...its a fun display peice.
..and can hold a lot....
we have a lot of these in different colors.
..most around 200$
. sometimes we put a mirror in where the glass window was....

we have some great counters out of later...
also we sell the wood appliques , like on the green one,,,

doors are great...strong, nice and big...and plentiful...

we sell lots of doors from 15 to 25$...sometimes more for the real good victorian ones with extra carving etc.....

the neat thing about these are the backs are interesting too...

lots of guys bring me old doors and im always glad to buy....


Debbie said...

I love those have alot of nice things in your shop...wish I lived closer!

Cozy Cottage Gifts and Decor

Beloved Creations said...

I too wish I lived closer. I'm not normaly a fan of green but I love that book shelf.